Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fluid water and the decisions made by gravity, recorded in carbon=Life.

Maybe all life and the primordial combinations of nitrogen, oxygen, carbon, depended upon the liquid environment because water in a liquid state is very deterministic with regard to gravity. That is, water makes decisions because it must respond to gravity. Each atom of a fluid responds well to gravity (there's a gravity well pun in there by chance), and nitrogen, carbon, life is then going to respond to water's inherent need to respond to gravity. Decisions are then being made on a huge scale simply by gravity. Life then, and the recording of information, is simply replication of gravitational choices recorded in the medium carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, to the point that those chemicals became self-aware enough to kneel and pray, that is, to get closer to the source of the gravity, or to pray toward the center of the earth, that is, our creator, gravity.

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