Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Outside our solar system the gravity of our sun trails off, like it should, but what we may not realize, never having gone there, is just how blind we are out there. Quite like a bat goes blind as it evolves within a cave, so it may be when we leave our gravity, that things out there are quite beyond our perception. For instance, the nature of light is such that in a gravitational field, we are quite able to perceive it as a waveform. Then why do we assume it is always a waveform, even beyond the reach of our fairly strong gravity well? It could just as easily be a particle when it is outside of a strong gravity well, in which case we would not be able to use it to see. Picture the edge of our gravity well as a place where particles become waves and you see that when you move out of our solar system the colors of the stars fade away from white light to nothing, and the color of empty space will fade away to a foggy field of green haze, which is the effect of having your wave centric eyes try to pick up a particle field. Picture also a layer of color inside the sun, so that the colors of white light are cast away from the sun in various layers of density. For instance, the Outer color of Yellow surrounds an inner shell of red, which surrounds and inner shell of blue, etc. The sun may have various layers of density, each of a different energy level by that density, for which the sun casts the specific spectrum that it does. We think of all these colors as coming from the surface of the sun, but I would guess that it may be quite a deep source for much of these colors. If we associate gravity and wavelength, and gravity with wave versus particle, we soon come to realize that gravity is nothing more than a frame of reference within the universe. It gives waveform to light, and thereby allows these within the vast green emptiness of particle to know "where" it is. That is what relativity is. The act of one thing relating to another. Fortuneately for us we have a frame of reference in our local gravity. Can't wait to see just how blind we are when we get out there away from our gravity and the stars can no longer be seen.

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