Friday, March 5, 2010

Alone or All One?

The universe is a vast sea of life, but we're here, in our youth, not aware of any of that other sea life. Are we alone? Most likely not, if our oceans are any example. There are certainly depths of those oceans that are vast, cold and empty. A tiny creature at the bottom of all that empty would probably think, I'm alone. But, no, it's just the beginning. We're going to find, that we're part of family some day. We're all one. Our angst is unfounded. Our current hesitant, earthly brotherhood should be rethought, from the perspective of this eventual family. What will another person from your world mean to you when you're awash in the sea of life out there? A resident of earth, any resident that you meet, will make your heart cry for joy at the meeting of a brother. Let's put on this face now and take up our universal brotherhood here in our youth.

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  1. exactamundo potsie----this is the only way to progress---acceptance of all