Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Guy JUMPS as he is tapped on the shoulder and almost goes over the rail. He drags himself back.

Will you take our picture?
Just push this button here.
Guy smiles and agrees.
The Elderly Woman poses with her grandson.
Guy Blocks the whole hallway as he menacingly lines up the photo. A BUSTY WOMAN stands directly behind him.
Guy has the shot he wants, but the CAMERA is BACKWARDS.
The FLASH blinds him and blinds the Busty Woman.
Guy turns the camera around, and there on the little digital view screen is an excellent shot of the BUSTY WOMAN'S CLEAVAGE.
She reacts by BELTING Guy with her purse. He barely holds the camera from falling over the railing.
He hands the camera to the Elderly Woman and proceeds away rapidly.

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