Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Captain Bernie

He's heavy. No he ain't, he's my bro. Happy B-Day Captain Bernie.

38 was a good year I reckon because the bum I talked to on the bus on the way home yesterday said eights and threes go on and on forever like. He also knew about triangles and how they make decisions. He also said he was an ex marine and had an idea for a 20k / minute cyclic rate weapon, and asked my clearance level when I asked some questions and that he'd have to kill me if he was to tell me about it further. Anyway, that was interesting. I was in the zone on June 1st. I was in the right place on the corner as a Fire truck was roaring down the hill to a red light to put my hand up and stop the traffic who had the green light. Then I gave another bum some pocket change. Then I had the choice to either ride the bus or the lightrail and I chose the lightrail.They filmed part of Crowley here at work yesterday, probably in honor of my older brother's 39th birthday. I played volleyball at the community center again and Cori did yoga. It was a good day. Conan O'Brien started his Tonight Show.

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  1. Do you ask the triangle a question? Like a magic 8 ball? Does it have to be of specific angles? Nevermind, I don't want to get you killed.