Friday, May 29, 2009

Poetry has returned

For whatever reason, maybe the amount of caffeine there-in, my brain has returned to poetry today. The scent of oil paint on a summer breeze equals Anticipation, for some reason. Go figure.
I worked with John Morrison's brother-in-law Dan Graham, a molecular biologist handyman, at Univ. of Oregon and when I left that job he gave me a signed copy of John's book. Great poems.

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  1. Sounds like good stuff.
    Poetry is the expression of beauty. Better than good, toward the perfect.

    x times good as x approaches infinity equals beautiful

    beauty is good getting better. As life is in motion, beauty and acceleration are kin. A burst of forward motion.

    Poetry ties us to a rocket. At incredible speeds, we shoot upwards, our minds racing to connect the ideas that rush past as the poet's words inspire in us the feelings that they do. (For no word means to me exactly what it means to you. The best word for my experience of something is only my best guess as to how to express my feelings to you. Take it as you will.) At some point in it's trajectory the ideas of the poem explode in a colorful splash of ideas and feelings. The cascading warmth of the experience kindles within us the fires that stoke our beings. Energy is transmuted into us by these words. Of beauty.