Friday, May 8, 2009

UFO? or Unidentified Trans-Gravitational Object

McMinnville is doing their thing next weekend. I'll try to get there Friday evening for a beer.
So, after seein' Star Trek last night, (what a show!), the concept of traveling across the emptiness is clearer. You would experience trouble with objects in your path. The act of assessing this prior to going into any kind of travel across a galaxy would include probing over and over out there to find the clear path. Let us say then, that "probing" is done by creating a variety of possible paths that you can take, and taking them all at the same time, literally, because that would be the fastest way to find a clear path, and because we know light can be in more than one place at a time, and we suspect this is true of matter, let us also say that UFO's are like flashlight beams pointing to various possible paths, except they actually have mass... they attempt to make the travel across the emptiness, but when they run into gravity, that flashlight beam is interrupted and they "arrive in our sky", the act of pulling that flashlight beam back and trying another one makes it appear to us like they are flying away, when in actuality the beam (UFO) may just be getting smaller and smaller until it pops out of existence.

So what happens if a UFO crashes? The guy back there who was trying to beam this UFO across a clear path in the galaxy by creating simultaneous beams ran into a gravitational object with this one beam that hit earth, and he tried to erase that possible path, but something in our gravity said, "nope, this is the only possible version of this UFO that can exist", and all the other beams poof disappeared, leaving the ship to crash hear instead of the vacation paradise they were destined for.

What if a person happens to be there at the proximity of where these beams usually occur? Well they see a UFO. Perhaps the beams give some displacement effect to the local vicinity, because they must be powerful, that is why people say "they were abducted", which is to say, the probing UFO accidentally pulls them off the earth as it runs into the gravity, because the rebound of stopping the energy it takes to probe, has a momentary lag time, and it seems like they were pulled into the UFO, but they just were in the wrong place when somebody tried to chart a course across the galaxy.

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