Thursday, May 28, 2009


Had a fun weekend. Did two Twilight tours. Cori got a great tip on Sunday. Got a nice note from someone who took our Astoria tour that we were the highlight of their vacation. That is rewarding. Thanks to my brother Tony for encouraging me and Cori to continue to pursue this. We miss Carmen and Tony and family. We go to McMinnville once in a while for various festivals or what-not and see their old town.
Lots of pollen in the air has me thinking about breathing. Interesting phenomenon. Pull air in and push it out your whole life. Air must be important. Listening to Close Encounters of the Third Kind at work today. "He says the sun came out last night... he says it sang to him."
Brendan Fraser and Keri Russell should be up here at work filming Crowley movie this weekend and on Bernie's birthday. Peace yo. And peach, yo.

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