Thursday, August 20, 2009

Of what are you capable of being a part?

The question that our universe asks over and over and over, infinitely, via gravity. It's the interaction of mass in a field that always demands a response from every smallest piece of that mass... a question "what are you capable of being a party to?" Are you acting of your own, loose, ready to be moved by another mass via that mass's pull of gravity, or are you already part of a collective that itself has more pull than can move you? The exertion of the force continues whether you can move or remain unmoved but your answer is always given, "yes I can move, no I cannot, these are the reasons why". The 'reasons' are speed, density, composition, temperature, pressure, electric charge, and all of those things need to be measured by us humans and put into a consistent "wholistic table of physical measurements of elements" on a scale from no temperature and pressure and electric charge to maximum. And, we need to scale that table for interaction so that the state of attachment to each other element can be expressed as a "willingness" to be moved by another mass. What results when you create a periodic table of the elements that combines all physical features, is a way to measure an element's ability to respond to the question "of what are you capable of being a part?", that is, we can measure that element's ability to give and take energy in combined masses, which shows the amount of energy "shared" or energy "not generated by self", which is what is missing in E=mc2. That formula pretends that no energy is gained by relationships with others, but in fact, most interactions of elements create symbiosis that allows a gifted amount of energy, that changes the formula E=mc2, so the measurement of gravity can be looked as a measurement of just how much energy is supplied by "sharing". In a sense, we're weighing the universe on the stretchy fabric of space and saying, because this amount of shared energy exists, this amount of gravity is created. The universe simply asks what are you a part of, to get a read on how it applies gravity to you, and it measures that gravity by the amount of donated energy to the equation E=mc2 you possess at each moment. Very cool that that question keeps us all together in societies as well as our feet planted to the earth.

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