Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Back to the quanta, for a moment (a moment is a measure of time, so it's interesting that pun found it's way into this conversation), so we can discuss heat, and also gyroscopes. Take a look at a couple of burning matches when you bring them in close proximity to one another. The heat engine of each one of these doesn't readily merge into the other, there is a momentary discussion, or even repulsion, of the other for a moment, then they join and create a much larger pool... or quanta, of their energy. The indication is that heat is related to exchange of matter into or out of a quanta. It brings us back to the fact that all things are continually asked by the universe "of what are you capable of being a part?", and that brings us back to the fact that states of matter are what determine what you are capable of being a part of. Picture a block of ice floating in a bath of water. The ice is a different state, a solid, and doesn't participate as readily in surface tensions, but they are the same chemical. This should point us to the periodic table of elements, a table that should be designed to show how any element will react in any environment. The table needs to be more focused on states of matter at all conditions, and could be called a quanta chart of the elements. It should be layed out based on willingness to participate, which will point to further understandings of physical characteristics of elements.
One last example I came across last night while doing the dishes is a small of bowl of water floating inside a larger bowl of water inside a sink full of water. When rocked, some of the water splashes out of the smaller bowl and the water in it sloshes back and forth with the same tensions we see in gyroscopes. This play of quanta choosing their state is probably what creates the force that every gyroscope exerts. A rudimentary gyroscope could be created with a series of pools such as this. - Edit: Did a quick search and found this Loopa gravity defying bowl: On the right track dudes. Of what are you capable of being a part?

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