Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Dollars and Sense

Can't seem to find time or urgency to log in and post to this bloggy, unless it involves a crisis in a financial market, or a quantum boon. We have both recently. The LHC smashed a couple of protons at the same energy level as Fermilab, so welcome to the card table LHC, hope you're holding the cards when you get up to max power. So far my dreams aren't registering anything different because of their work. Changes in magnetism probably register in every brain on the planet in some small way, but we'll see what it does at full power next year. Would be great of the magnetism in the LHC actually changed our brain patterns enough to somehow focus more on the way we manage world economies. Which brings me to the point of discussion regarding Dubai and the money management blip going on there. Like any market they are fighting to earn respect from other labor pools. The thing that will iron out all of these markets and bring them in line is a respect for "fairness" between a dollar here and a dollar there, between a work day here and a work day there. If we institute a worldwide computer system that does nothing except manage valuation of monies, to create a fairness in all labor pools, by assessing then increasing or decreasing the value of money in real time, we would all be speaking the same language with regard to supply and demand. Make the money fair. There' s no way forward without this step in place. The scale of fairness needs to extend from Stock Market on down to "how many grains of sand in the hour glass is my dollar worth, as opposed to your dinari". If there isn't a "fair making system", we're all just swimming around in an unfair system and no one wants to swim in that dirty pool.

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