Friday, December 4, 2009

Viva La Vida! Just got here. My neighbor, a veterinarian who now holds a purchasing job, had a portion of an apple fritter waiting for me at my desk. Third week in a row. Not sure where she is getting them. Nice of her to share. I like the fritter. The Viva La Vida album was in my head on the way to work on the bus this AM so I played it right away during this my ten minutes before clock-in. The song Lost! is playing now. Great tune. The line "castle was built on pillars of sand" is great. It fits the theme of the rest of this blog which is aimed at strengthening that base. The front page of USA today says Obama is most concerned about Jobs. This isn't news necessarily but the refreshing of the data, and having it on the front page makes it hit home a little more, and the news folk must know that that is the purpose of the front page. It makes me realize, (as I sip my $4.20 sugarfree hazelnut breve from Seattle's Best that I got downtown between bus rides), is being paid for by a careful planning of stock holders and no one else. They create the numbers on the stock market by buying and selling people and I'm one, and that's where my pay comes from. All the equipment in the picture makes it seem like they run businesses and build things and sell things, but in the end the only items in the picture that change the value of their stock are the people, because of our brains and opposable thumbs. These are bought and sold, hired and laid off, in a carefully orchestrated symphony which reaches our ears by the front page of the USA today in a tune that we call "hiring is up" aka good times, and "unemployment is up" aka stocks are down. The rich buy and sell us and we are indentured servants to this grind. There's only the destiny of "some day maybe this will change". I seem Lost! in all this because I can't seem to write a blog without touching on these issues. That's today's theme I guess. Hope I don't take the wrong bus later and self-fulfill this in a physical way. Time for an uprising. Storm the USA Today office and demand that they respect something other than Stock Market strategies. Every news outlet is pushing stock market news as "what happened in your world today that you need to know"... this blog is what you need to know today.



  2. at most, remember that YOU are choosing everything in your life, whether you believe it or not---you always have a choice in each nanosecond of perceived existence---so, my brudder, what will you choose next---overwhelmtion with world affairs never helped me see what i wished to see...choosing affectation in my immediate vicinity is the vote of this life-form, and i bes pleased with the results---vote your life and world in every decision you make keep writin'--- me likes it!