Thursday, January 7, 2010

One quick note with an idea on “Jobs”. Obama has presented Jobs as the next big thing on the agenda. Do we understand the power of a diploma? We have millions of people in the US who already have bachelors degrees, but, for whatever reason, have never used them. They are working check stand registers and driving buses... The place that we push for Jobs needs to focus on our greatest untapped asset, the education that these folks already bought and paid for, not on those who are currently unemployed, who may or may not have a degree. We have an educated pool of people already, they’re just in the wrong roles. This question of “Jobs” is actually a question of rearranging the pieces of the puzzle.

Step One: Start a job placement service where people can file their willingness to participate in a newly created job within their degree field. This simple act will bring the education asset into crystal clarity.

Step Two: Then the Obama Administration can begin the work of creating jobs. Putting that money into jobs where someone holds a bachelors degree in that field is a much better “working scenario” to coin a pun, so that the jobs that are created will be sustainable, good paying, and most importantly rewarding for the people. Those jobs that are vacated by degree holders will then be available to the masses of unemployed people, and we’re now holding an educated workforce just by rearranging the workforce.

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