Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Import/Export the How We Do It of World Economies

You buy from me I buy from you. We're all part of the huge fractal that is world economy. Small and large, exact same functions. A function of buy and sell. This fractal flowers sometimes, and other times, it's bound up in tight eddies and curls. Right now, we're bound up. (I think there's another metaphor in there.) The thing we need to do now, as is act like a "United" States. That is, our individual ways of buying and selling, state-by-state, need to be coordinated, so that as a Nation we buy and sell from other nations. If France has wine we like to buy, let's get 50 states together and agree what price we'll buy at. If we don't, the effect is counter productive. Because someone is buying from France's competition instead of buying from France. Then we're spreading the effective productivity too thin. Someone else will buy from France's competition anyway, so it isn't like we're leaving them without a market. The effect of acting united, with regard to foreign markets gives us much more buying power, it outlines a relationship between states, and it fosters continued cooperation between countries. The markets will stabilize. Then we can tackle the fact that State by State we don't all buy and sell with the same frequency. Thus highlighting the need for a policy of "currency exchange between US regions". Then I don't have to buy French Wine at New York City prices, I can buy a bottle of French Wine with my Portland, Oregon dollar, which I'm sad to say, isn't very powerful on the world market all on it's onesy. Savvy?


  1. I'm just giving you my insta-thought, as I'm not one to ponder macro-economics very often. But the chaos theory... I think your idea of combining orders to lower price will amplify stagnation. Individuals think - there's your root. We may build chords from that base, which are beautiful - like the opening ceremonies yesterday. But there will still be a dissonance of stray notes wandering in the wilderness. We need to teach these notes about the beauty within themselves, so that they stop their fearful wailing in the dark, and start walking and talking in melody. Even individually, these minds have the pure beautiful capabilty to shatter crystal - if they only knew. A din of melodies may not always become harmonic, but I think educated minds may be more prone to come together in a beautiful manner.

  2. Stagnation, inflation, deflation, are all likely, but forward progress will then go on with further respect to local buying powers. We just need to provide a center, to let them know in which "key" this song is sung. Adjusted currency rates are the way economies get in key, to allow for "taxation with representation" to the buying power of the local economy. Try to hail a cab, get a hotel and buy a dinner in New York or San Francisco on an Iowa farmhand paycheck and you'll burn it up in no time. These city markets are as powerful as entire countries and they're on our same dollar. California is known to be the 8th largest economy in the world. Why isn't there a currency conversion? The effect of buying together should crystallize the market of who is buying from whom, and will leave countless other nations without a voice in the crystal, causing dissention, but once inflated in one area, the fractal inexorably drags the other pieces of the market into the newly expanding crystal, and they inflate as well. They get in tune when they see what key we're in. Only the blooming patterns that develop in the chaos will inspire the dissonant wanderers to recognize the crystal, and if they can find the center, the key in which the song is sung, they'll get crystal too. If there were two people on a desert island and one of them had all the coconuts, he's going to need to provide an adjusted system of trade if he wants the other person to survive. It's a decision the coconut holder has to make. Does he want the interaction of another person, or just to have all the coconuts? If the dissonant notes see our economy humming, and see our ability to share a coconut by an adjusted system of trade, if they hear that melody, they may find the same center, same reference point, which is essential to creating a conjoined melody in the system. "The best way to spread Christmas cheer is by singing loud for all to hear." The best teacher of a melody is the key in which it is sung.