Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Electric, the Static!!

Static electricity, rises up from bodies that are pulled apart. It hangs in the air, sticks to things where friction was created. These are all places where surface tension was pulled back, acted upon. The place gravity enters our universe is this junction where decisions are made by atoms. All this kind of suggests maybe static electricity is the expression of gravity in some physical way.

Reduced to practice: Laser as static electric pump for atmospheric water vapor

I had the idea that static electricity could help dampen wildfires. Static electricity will pull a stream of water toward it as it runs out of a faucet, so it must have a strong draw to water. Laser can probably create static electric fields over very long distances, say from Denver skies where there is much water vapor to California skies where there is little.
A constant pulsed laser beam sent from the skies over California to the skies over Denver may create a continual static field and draw of vapor around a fire. Think of a wildfire as only able to burn where humidity is very low. All we need to do is create high humidity to kill wildfires. Lasers would appear to be a very good solution. emailed this to Cornell: 'jdf48@cornell.edu'
(If you don’t think vapor will travel upwind from Denver to Cal try pulling the vapor in from the ocean, from the north or south, or straight up from the ground upwind of the fire.) But something tells me you’ll find stronger static force by drawing against the wind.

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