Wednesday, September 16, 2009

More on the Economy

We can generate so much food in this country, thanks for modern farming, that we don't have any problem feeding people. The amount of food available is actually curtailed so market prices don't tip so low that farmers and their cooperatives lose a competitive income. The point of having people retire once they've earned their home is that we can feed and water them very cheaply. We just need to decide to make that much food. Currently we feed and water the low income, non-house-owning crowd. My suggestion is that we feed and water the house owning crowd. I think the numbers will be very compatible. The jobs vacated will, again, create a healthy and stable economy because those jobs are higher paying than anything currently available. I understand that current retirement laws allow a supplemental part time earning without damaging the social security amount received. If this were to continue for those who "retire" when they earn their homes, we will also have traded down the part time jobs that our non-house-owning crowd is now suffering along within. I don't see the downside. Government should push for retirement when you own your home, and agree to take care of the living expenses for retireds.

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  1. Good reiteration, your idea is more clear here. Good perspective on the possible economic balance. In order to convince someone, you must do the math for them, and show your work.