Thursday, September 17, 2009

Knots and gravities

Knot Theory is interesting regarding gravity.
I think matter behaves in a knotted fashion with regard to gravity.
Look at the way a soap bubble, when popped, reacts. As the surface tension is released, (as the knot is untied) all of the small pieces have to join a new knot, so they individualize, they packetize, they quantize themselves. Then they choose their path of new relation. Choosing the packet must require energy, from without and within.
Likewise a knot always has some overriding rules that describe how points must relate to one another.
Think of the knots in a string as gravity. These knots, because the only thing tension can do after the overlaps are in place, is tighten are ruled very consistently. And when they get to the point where they are very tight, there is almost no room for error in the shape they become. It's very much like gravity. And all the points on the string relate to one another in a very specific way. If the knot is loosened from any particular direction, then all of the points on the knot correspond to exactly that motion, and the pieces have to assess which new knot shape they all are (and for gravity, matter will likewise cause other matter to assess them in return/simultaneously) .

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