Monday, September 28, 2009

Move over human, computer do job now.

Here's where we steered off course. The first robots appeared on the scene, big lunking machines that replaced the manufacturing jobs of the early seventies. Look how fast and accurate these welders can put these cars together! The assembly crew, rather than getting the benefit of having someone assist them in their position, were replaced entirely. You might be thinking, well a good business owner knows how to improve production and cut staff to increase the profit margin, but at the same time, you are forgetting that the real profit in any business is the people you can give gainful employment to. Real profit should be measured in terms of the economic health of community. Capitalism that ignores the needs of the people in the republic that it operates within, is a parasitical relationship, rather than a symbiosis. It is a machine without maintenance. It is a machine winding down, down, until it stops, unable to break its rusty cogs free. The open eyes of business owners, to see how they interact within humanity, will bring the machine of capitalism, and our republic, to life.

I don't care if you want to use robots to replace people, but don't drop their paychecks. Instead, consider the robot your donation to that worker. Then, with his human hands free, find a task to fill his hands.

Can you picture a time when robots with artificial intelligence will do any job that humanity sets forth? What will you task the human with? How will the human make his living? It's about ten years away. Now is the time to decide what duty the business owners have to humanity. Now is the only chance we have to demand that capitalism behave symbiotically with humanity.

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